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Moonset-In the Mundane World




Shuyue Li
Royal College of Art
Digital Direction


"Moonset - In the Mundane World"(凡尘里・月落乌啼) is a new interpretation of the ancient Chinese poem "The Night of the Maple Bridge". It is inspired by the phenomenon of "temple fever" in China, reflecting the spiritual crisis generated by young people in the post-epidemic era, as well as their anxiety, confusion, and powerlessness to live in the city.

"Moonset - In the Mundane World" presents a modern city full of challenges and pressures. Through a surrealist approach, modern imagery is brought into the original poetic meaning, creating a modern version of the Night of the Maple Bridge. This is not only an innovative way of artistic expression, but also a call to listen and pay attention to the deepest longings of the heart, and a reflection of contemporary youth on their own lives and future.

This work reflects the author's keen insight and concern for the state of life of modern urban youth, while at the same time combining ancient and modern, poetry and scenery, bringing us a new artistic experience and space for reflection.

3D Animation; Imaging

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